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Specific Pc was established in 1999 between the 2 partners, Shaun Downham and Francois Johl. Their diverce backgrounds allowed them to cover a wide range of services and thus providing an all in 1 IT Solution. Outsourcing certain aspects, but all done within the Company that also provides a platform for freelancers to work from. The Ability to tap into production resources allows for a no-waiting period and once the deposit is paid, the job will start business approach.

Special requests from Clients have made Specific PC what it is today! We have never turned a customer away!

We offer various audio/video networking solutions, linking your house up to your computer network. Home Automation has taken the world by storm and only recently Cape Town has also fallen into the Home Automation trend. Home Automation is very popular in many first world countries, but home automation equipment can be very expensive. We offer specific Home Automation solutions at affordable prices. No home is too big or too small for Home Automation. Automating your home allows you to access your home via the Internet and have it do tasks for you, i.e. switch on the pool, dim the lights, etc., what ever suits you.

Being an all in 1 IT solution Company, we are registered Suppliers of various Computer and Home Automation products. Ranging from wireless routers to Plasma Televisions. You may contact as at for any product enquiry. Our products aren't listed on this site as there are just to many.

With the huge increase in ADSL users, Specific PC decided it was time to become an ISP. Offering web hosting server/space and dial-up/ADSL accounts would cover the internet solution in the all in 1 IT solution. Being able to offer affordable ADSL accounts and having web hosting servers on redundant backbones, gives us the ability to offer cost effective internet solutions for everyone. We have unshaped adsl accounts for internet users who need a little bit more bandwidth than the average shaped ADSL user.

Specific PC's can be ordered in bulk or on a per PC basis. Various computer solutions are out there, but we design your Specific PC to cover your requirements and not someone else’s. Knowing your Specific PC is designed for you will give you an ease of mind, as you can be sure that what you get, will do what you need it to do!

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